A few personal photos of the ROYAL era... at its inception...


Keys to the Kingdom

This was my 'Pictures of Earth and Space' mission control center at Royal Recorders. I had spent many hours programing some very bizarre but enchanting emotions from this array of beautiful gear. This was an infinate palate and soon became an instrument in itself for discovering unheard of sounds from just a simple guitar. I'm opening future chapters of this book of sound design in new ways and with some new instruments!





Pre-Royal Era... Sound Summit Recording Studios. w/ NEVE 8068 - A wonderful introduction to pro audio began here for me on this exceptional console...


This was the room before the Royal SSL change over. I recorded the first half of p.o.e.a.s. on this console. A Fantastic Neve 8068 w/ Necam Moving Fader Automation. It was told 'twas the Neve from the Hit Factory and reportedly was the very board that John Lennon recorded Double Fantasy on.. A nice photograph of Lennon hovering over the console followed it around. Hmmmmm ...could it be true?










One of my first well fed patch bay pictures!



Dinner turns into an Adrian Belew Session

Here are a few rare shots of a unique gathering of everyone who was working at the studio in spring of '86 and the Big Boss Ron who was investing his millions on the studio overhaul into an SSL room.

Front row seated: Jim Bartz, Adrian Belew

Second Row: Mark Torell, Daryl Stuermer

Back Row : Rob Fetters, Stan Hertzman, Bob Brigham, Phil Bonnano, Bob Nyswonger, Ron Fajerstien

Seated between two very fine guitarists. I had half of my album done by this time and had played bits for both of them at different times to nods of approval. It was inspiring to have that level of guitar talent around me right after I found all that cosmic sound. It was also cool to have someone to show it too who could understand it as a guitarist. Although they did seem a bit put off by my engineering abilities (whipper snapper). If anyone can challenge another techno-guitarist it would be Adrian Belew. Strange for him to show up in this obscure Wisconsin studio. It was an honor to work with him so early in my career. Even Daryl seemed very honored to meet him that night.


...So begins a session?

Here for historical reasons: Right after this dinner we all went back to the studio because Adrian had the idea while eating to record a stereo party atmosphere for the end of his new album. We all agreed it'd be a blast and piled over into the studio to be immortalized on an upcoming adrian belew record. Very Cool! For those who have heard 'Desire Caught by the Tail' I wanted to expose the person to utter the stand out phrase at the end of the record "Yo Adrian' It was Atlantic artist Tom Holland seen here in total ecstasy with his food and the 2 new imported studio managers from Battery Studios/London -Helen Tyler and Wendy Blackwell. I'll have to buy that record someday to hear it all again.

Used to be a Royal Recorders Photo Album laying in the Studio lounge... Wonder whatever became of it?