- StringStation Construction -

Starting with design consulting... all instrument functions will be detailed in 3D CAD...




One Year Time Frame for Full Blast Full Function Assembly - in rounded figures...


• Consulting & Design $15k

• Materials $5k

• Construction & Parts Fabrication $10k

• Software Interfacing R&D and Electronic Assembly $15k

• Patent and Legal $10k

• Mobility / Travel $5k

• Operating Expences $10k

• Insurance $3k


- Total for design and construction of a precision crafted StringStation - $73,000



• A basic stripped down turn key model can be assembled for $30k



I want to reveal something extraordinary. I've been romanced by music's emotional power since the first sounds I heard as a boy.... I've been on a quest my whole life to develop the way to make this elusive power more focused, intense and tangible ...I've discovered that within this new instrument, it's a more powerful evolution than I ever imagined. Music teaches us something amazing about who we are... it's all a very personal experience for each of us and some are more sensitive to it than others. This is for all of us!

I hope this project inspires creative and artistic friends to join in and allows us all to chase and innovate beyond what anyone thought was possible!

- jim bartz

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There are many deeper tech details along with lots of secret sauce to reveal... FAQ


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This is a self-funded artists project to build an innovative new music instrument, your care means a lot to our success! Thank you for donating!




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